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I got stuck in traffic.....

Posted Apr 11 2009 1:04am
So Tuesday night Sophie's cold jumped from her to her Daddy to me. The second I closed my eyes to sleep I started coughing and my nose instantly plugged up. I didn't have any cold medicine, so I had to tough it out by propping my head up with pillows which about broke my neck.
I decided in my sleep deprived delusion to come on downstairs and catch up on some blogging. The only problem with that was that when I did, I got stuck in blogger traffic. Apparently all of my favorite blogs have a million fans who also like to catch up in the middle of the night.
After the third---high traffic ---request for blog denied--- I turned off the computer.
Yesterday I took a good old Claritan D and chucked the other weight loss inducing drug for a shot of easy breathing. The claritan gave me a frantic amount of energy so I managed to clean my house, although the fumes from the pine sol made my throat feel like I was swallowing razor blades.
Good times.
When Sophie came home from Grammy and Papa's we each loaded up on some night time cold medicine and hunkered down for a long summer sleep. Ahhhhh. Even though I woke up this morning in the same condition as yesterday, it's a lot easier to handle with a bunch of hours of sleep under my belt.
So, maybe this is payback for my perfect Wednesday that I shamelessly bragged about. At least my house is clean.
Has anyone else ever had trouble getting to their favorite blogs?
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