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I Feel Like Dancin' in the Aisles!!

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:02pm
I am now a proud graduate of Dr. Brandon Wilson's North Texas Spinal Health And Wellness active rehab!! I am doing so much better and while I have been working hard at it and following his instructions, I just cannot say enough great things about him, his knowledge and his office. Seriously, my Migraines have disappeared as have my daily headaches. I can count on one hand the number of headaches I have had since beginning there some 7 weeks ago as opposed to the daily ones I have gotten for so long. I feel like I have a new lease on life! Top all of that off with feeling better in general, being much more flexible, having most of my age-inappropriate aches and pains gone. It is awesome!! More than that I have now lost 10 pounds and am on the right track to continue that weight loss in a healthy manner without it being overwhelming. I feel like dancin' in the aisles!!

Of course, I continue to visit them several times a month for adjustments but I am holding my adjustments so much better. I do my exercises and treadmill, drink a ton of water and try to eat at least 7 vegetables or one salad every day along with healthy food choices and portion control. It is not that hard and I really find I am enjoying it.

Now we need to get the Hubs to make it enough of a priority to go for his Vertigo that he will make the $$ be available. Long story. Grrr. We also need to look at a new mattress. Ours is way too soft. HE wanted a pillow top and we got a pillow top several years back. He has always been more enchanted with it than I am but now he agrees and I have started to look around. Any suggestions?? ;)

One of the new mattresses we are looking at is made by Simmons and called aNatural Care bed by Danny Seo. They say that the soft yet supportive Simmons® Natural Care® mattress helps eliminate pressure points across your entire body. That sounds wonderful! And they make aLatex Mattress. I don't know about you but I have never heard of aLatex Mattressbefore and I am very curious to go try it out in the store. And get this - it is GREEN! No, not the color silly - in terms of the environment. The mattress top is from cultivated wood fiber. The latex is a special blend that comes from the milk sap of a rubber tree and the base foam is enhanced with soy. It even comes with a 20 year limited warranty. Check it out on their site.

So the next time I have the hubs all to myself, it is off to the mattress store we go and I am going to look for these Natural Care Beds!


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