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I experienced Ghost Oppression

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:00pm

Remember I wrote about an article that explains scientifically what causes ghost oppression? I told everyone that I have never experienced it.

Not until this morning.

At about 5:20am, Isabel came to my room crying. She said she was scared. I accompanied her to her room, settled her, came back… just within a min she did that again. This went on for a few rounds until I was too tired, I decided to sleep with her.

So, I lied down on her left, in her tiny single bed. Slowly I drifted off (Isabel still not slept yet despite I was there).

Suddenly, something jerked me up.

It was something wriggling under the mattress violently. It pushed up and down like someone was beneath me.

I was terrified. I wanted to scream, but no sound. I couldn’t move. It was exactly like that ghost oppression that legend says.

The sensation was so real. I felt that the mattress risen on my left (at the left edge of the bed), and something came out underneath trying to reach me.

I felt it, I swear I was very conscious. I was so scared but couldn’t scream. I kept praying and praying and praying, but couldn’t mutter a sound.

I wanted to move my left hand to punch that thing, but I was frozen and mute.

At that point, I could feel Isabel rolling on my right, turned to face me. I could feel her warmth on my right side, but my left was cold.

I struggled so hard, suddenly I could move my arm, and a loud but somehow muffled “ARRGGHH!!” followed by my punch on the mattress on the left.

I was suddenly ‘released’ by that strong grip. Isabel asked me “what, mama”?. I just said nothing.

It felt so real. Honestly, I didn’t make this up. I think of it again, I still feel the chill.

But then… when I was ‘released’, I didn’t feel the mattress dropped/fallen. So I believe it was just something of a mind trick.

I must have fell into that state as described in that article. My mind must have awoke, but my muscle did not. But what puzzled me really was the wriggling sensation beneath me that woke me up in the first place. Geez… not sure if it was the reason why Isabel kept saying that she is scared.

You know, after my alarm clock rang, Isabel sigh “Mama, it is morning already?” and then only she relaxed and drifted to sleep.

I refused to think there is something wrong in that room. I have the church coming to cleanse the house already, it should be alright. I have never invited anything into the house (as far as I remember).

I hope it is something that the article explained. Furthermore, although the feeling was so real, I didn’t feel my mattress dropped after I conscious. So, I must have imagined things. When brain/mind plays tricks on us, that is pretty scary!!

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