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I don't think this is exactly what the teacher had in mind...

Posted Apr 05 2010 5:00am
Part of being responsible kindergarteners includes Cole and Bella doing homework each night. Usually the homework is pretty straight-forward and they can finish it within 10-15 minutes.

However, there are some homework assignments which require a little more thought.

For example, one of the assignments they were given before spring break was to look around their home and describe signs of spring using their five senses.

Sounds easy enough, right? I'm sure most kids came up with adorable answers, such as SMELLING the fragrant flowers in their garden and HEARING the chirps of happy birds flying nearby.

But we all know that my kids aren't like most other kids.

No, they need to stand out in all that they know, make absolutely sure that the entire world knows how unique they are.

Obviously, they were feeling a little silly when they come up with their original answers...

I see - my little brother's buttcrack (Cole); Cole's pee behind the toilet (Bella)

I taste - soda and chips (Cole); my tongue (Bella)

I hear - daddy burping (Cole); nothing (Bella)

I feel - tired (Cole); like I have to poop (Bella)

I smell - boogers in my nose (Cole); stinky feet (Bella)

My first words were, "Oh no!! You both are NOT handing that in to Mrs. way!! Besides, none of it has to do with spring!"

Back to the drawing board....

I see: slimy earthworms in my backyard (Cole); rainbows (Bella)

I taste: lemonade (Cole); deviled eggs (Bella)

I hear: birds singing (Cole); leprachaun's singing (Bella)

I feel: sunshine on my face (Cole); the wind on my teeth (Bella)

I smell: flowers in our garden (Cole); a dead skunk (Bella)

Awww, now that's more like it, although I'm sure the teacher will still have a "WTF" moment when she reads some of Bella's answers.

I see nothing wrong with encouraging my kids to stand out in a crowd or be themselves but when it comes down to the possiblity of being THAT one mother who has to come in repeatedly for teacher-parent conferences, that's when I have to put my foot down.

Memorable conversation of the day:

Cole: Mommy, guess what we did at school today?

Me: Oh, I don't know...surprise me.

Cole: We had our hearing checked.

Me: You did, did you? So how's your hearing?

Cole: They said it was good.

Me: Well, then you shouldn't have any problem responding when I ask you to do something now that we know your hearing is perfectly fine.

Bella: Uh, no...he'll still ignore you.

Cole: Yeah, she's probably right. Registered & Protected
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