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I am now wearing a new pair of Eyeglasses

Posted Jul 01 2008 12:00am

Photo by Guardian Angel

I am a near-sighted person and I used to wear eyeglasses when I need to read from far away. But since I got irritated from removing it every now and then, I decided not to wear it again. But after our annual company Physical Examination recently, the doctor told me that I need to upgrade them which are now 125-150. I want to blame myself for abusing my eyes since I started blogging, but I guess it is now too late. But not really!

What about pinhole glasses?

You may find this weird because this might be the first time you will hear about it – pinhole glasses . I saw an old friend wearing one, and I thought it was just nothing. But when he said that it is effective for him, I made my own research and this is what I found. This technique of eyeglasses was studied scientifically and here are some short explanations. Get ready for this.

It can improve vision to people with Myopia

They are near-sighted people like me and children are more prone to this disorder. Wearing pinhole glasses block some image light rays from entering the eye which require much diffraction with the lenses to form images on the retina. However, it is not advisable for children to wear one as they are more responsive to exercise their eyes.

It improves vision of older people

As we grow older, our eye lens become less flexible and is unable to work as efficiently as earlier. This more or less affects our close vision and we have problems with seeing nearby objects clearly. Pinholes narrow down the aperture of the eye.

Astigmatism and Cataract

For astigmatism, pinhole glasses can help by decreasing the distance between the images which reduces the size of the blur formed by the deformed cornea and so improves vision. For cataract, it reduces the effects of the cataract formation in the eye. They restrict the amount of light falling on the affected part of the eye.

For bloggers

I like this part. We all know that spending long hours in front of our computers can damage our eyes. Pinhole glasses control damage by limiting the amount of radiation that enters our eyes and can increase the depth of vision. This way, they reduce the eye strain by limiting the level of stress acquired through focusing while viewing. Sounds helpful, isn’t it?

My conclusion

I borrowed my friend’s pinhole eyeglasses and used it while I was making this post. Honestly speaking, I feel awkward at first. I find it hard as I am like peeping in a screen window. The small holes distract me as I go along. But since I want to try it, I did not remove it until I finished this post which took me more than an hour.

Somehow, my eyes get used to it and the pinholes are getting bigger and it distracts me less. But I noticed that it is hard to wear one when only the computer screen is on, and other lights are somehow dim. However, the computer screen looks lighter when I wear these unique eyeglasses which made my eyes more relax.

Being my friend, he told me that I can return it to him after a week so I can test it more. For now, I think it is too early to say that it is really effective. I may make another post some time around.

But it is worth to try as it does not need any prescription and mind you, it is cheaper.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters

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