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I am in trouble…BIG trouble!

Posted Jun 30 2009 10:10pm


Don’t you just LOVE this smile??? I do :)


When I asked him to smile…this is what I got :)

I don’t know how many of you reading have multiples but today I had an ahhh-ha moment that I am not sure I really wanted to have. See I have been using my kids to show each other the great things they can learn from each other all the time like Little Man enticed Little Princess to walk and I encouraged that and Little Princess entices Little Man to use his signs and life will be easier. They both entice each other to talk and laugh! All that was grand…and I was loving it until today. Today that beautiful amazing picture came crashing to the floor – and shattered to reveal the true picture!

This morning they taught each other how to use the doggy stairs to get to what they want…yep they climb them and get to where they would like. Oh yeah and they learned how to use the cute little bee cars to climb as well. My kids have NEVER been climbers — well I figured Little Princess would be someday but I never would have guessed her brother would have taught her the ins and outs. And I can move them away from the danger, tell them no, etc and they literally LAUGH at me and keep go right back. How long do I have before they climb out of their cribs?

I realized as I moved them away from the danger zone for the millionth time that they were not only going to teach each other the good things like oh say walking and talking BUT the bad things as well. Really? Why had this though never crossed my mind before?

Oh yeah and right now as I type – they are upstairs carrying on their own conversation, probably deciding what to learn next to send mom to the crazy house, instead of taking a nap!

So it is night now — and I decided not to pick a battle tonight. Little Princess wanted to go to bed with HER book — you know I Love You Through and Through. Seriously, don’t you think that would be uncomfortable? I did BUT I was tired they had me running all over the house today and I decided that she could sleep with the book if she wanted. As soon as I knew she was asleep I went up to check on her and literally she was clutching the book…I had to take it away BUT I kept it in the crib at the end. Really people, what am I going to do – the girl wants to sleep with a BOOK? She could so be my daughter — I used to sneak read books at night and something says I will be stopping her and Little Man from doing the same :) Part of me hopes that I get to home school these great minds :)


Little Man playing cars!


Little Princess taking care of her baby!


One of her favorite toys – I got this one for 50 cents at a garage sale :)


Searching for just the right legos in the lego bin!


On the phone – he LOVES his phones and will bring them to you like they are for you!


Ok so she LOVES peek a boo and her new thing is ONLY one hand and watching you with the other to be sure you are still playing! (She did not like playing with me when I had the camera in front of my face…)


He carries these two balls around and will just drop them to see where they go…balls and cars.

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