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I Am Even Wearing My Big Girl Clothes

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:35pm
I love TV. Now that I have more than enough time on my hands because, you know, I am by myself all the livelong day, so I have amped up my television watching.
What? I should be packing or cleaning or feeding the cats*? Nah, the new 90210 is on!
I feel like I am 16 again only without the math homework. I am loving the new 90210 Gossip Girl and I am a little too excited for Grey's Anatomy tonight. Should I even admit to you guys how excited I was when I noticed Blair on the Gossip Girl had the same cell phone as I do? I am SO COOL!
Yes, I need to get out of the house.

Today I decided to go to Barnes & Noble to do some reading/coffee drinking/relaxing when the kids go off to school. This small step back into civilization is proving more daunting of a task because my sweet, dear E has taken the ONE garage door opener with him to NH. So now I have to back the car out with kids in it, get out, go into garage close it and out through side door, then repeat in reverse when I get home.
It sucks even more ass because big, chubby baby K weighs more than my car.
But! I will leave the house! If I am feeling really crazy I will make a second stop to pick up diapers and bread.

I really live on the wild side. Someone stop me.

*Last week while E was away I forgot to feed the cats. I also forgot to give them water. Yes I am a horrible Mom, but hey, at least I remembered to feed the kids!

Oh, and you can read about how I hate my kids clothing.

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