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I am drunk in my homemade enzyme!

Posted Dec 30 2009 6:33am

Just tasted the enzyme that I harvested the other day. My white dragon fruit enzyme. I took probably around 30ml.

I actually harvested the red dragon fruit enzyme today. So I also tasted about 20ml of it.

The effect was horrible.

Well, taste first. It tastes exactly like wine. The red one is like red wine, the white one is like white wine. A bit of sweetness, a bit of bitterness. Smells really great, like wine.

The look is also like wine. I stored the red one in red wine bottle, so can easily fool people that it is red wine.

When I drank it, the moment it reached my stomach, I could feel the warmth of it. Then, in 5 mins, I felt my face getting hot. In a while, my head started to spin and I am now having headache!! Exactly how I get drunk.

I wonder what is the alcohol content in my enzyme!!

I am too drunk to take any photo now. Will update with photo tomorrow, or next year. Tomorrow might be partying. LOL! Yes, will serve my guests with my ‘homemade dragonfruit wine’. Kekekeke!

p/s: Ouch! The long-gone ‘alcohol rashes’ just reappeared all over my body. I really cannot drink??!! Hmm… next time must harvest earlier, before it gets so much of alcohol in the enzyme!

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