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I’m officially a Chreaster.

Posted Apr 04 2013 10:04am

Easter Lily

Last Sunday it hit me – I’m a Chreaster.

Here it was Easter, and I hadn’t been to church since Christmas.

My family goes to church just about every Sunday, but I have gotten out of the habit of going with them. And to be perfectly honest – I was ok with that. Because here’s my dirty little secret – I really, really enjoy that hour and a half alone in my house. Once a week “me” time. Coffee, Pinterest, and CBS Sunday Morning – it’s a winning combination.

However, last week when I did actually make my bi-annual appearance, something had changed.

Kate had changed.

Somehow, while I’ve been lounging around, she’s gone from a little girl who used church time to catch up on her coloring projects to a girl who gets it. I watched in amazement as she followed along with the readings, paid close attention to the sermon, sang hymns with a strong voice, and prayed.

I was so enthralled with watching her that I couldn’t tell you one word of Sunday’s church service. But I’m sure Kate could.

I was so, so proud of her.

She’s grown so much, and I’ve missed it. I haven’t been a part of it, and I’ve been sending her a message that it doesn’t matter to me. But her faith and her spiritual development do matter to me – a lot. And, frankly, it’s time to sweep the cobwebs out of the corners of my own.

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