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I’m Obsessed with Gruvy Wear

Posted May 09 2013 12:56am

ElbyGruvy So a few weeks ago I got my kids’ summer camp information in the mail -and let’s please not talk about how much it’s going to cost me to send all three of my little scamps to camp for the summer -seriously, I have to write a check for that nonsense by May 20th if I don’t stroke out first. Anyway…I got the info pack and inside there was a flyer featuring Gruvy Wear . Elby got a hold of it and immediately wanted a shirt. I looked at the flyer a little more closely and realized that the shirts are basically wearable UV protection and because my husband is a neurotic freak (even though I’m the Jewish one) he was all for us buying a few. Jon is a sun nazi and is constantly asking if the kids are wearing sunscreen. He’d love them to wear it to bed if it weren’t so darned messy. But short of that, he’s thrilled with these shirts that double as swim wear.

Well, when we got our shipment all three kids freaked out so much that I decided to get some more. I wrote to Gruvy Wear to see if they give me a few in exchange for putting them up on my blog and they graciously agreed.

The point is, you guys know that I rarely do posts on my personal blog featuring products but I am now such a huge fan of the shirts I couldn’t help myself. Check out Elby to your left who is wearing the matching skirt ! Is that not the freaking cutest?

sadmatgrvy Here are Sadie and Matilda wearing size 5/6 and size 3/4 respectively. They both chose the guitar rhinestones motif and I think they really showed some fashion prowess. If you don’t find these pictures adorable I would suggest having someone take your pulse because you are clearly completely dead inside.

So guess what! You can order Gruvy Wear and get the old Stefanie Wilder-Taylor discount! 15% off your order if you use the code SWT15. And just to make sure you know, I’m not making any money off of this. I just loved the shirts so much I asked them if I could give my readers a discount!

I mean, if you wanted to get Elby a headband she wouldn’t knife you or anything. But you don’t have to. Buy one for yourself. Protect your hair color that you just paid $100 for. Not judging. Stating facts.


























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