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I’m in panic…

Posted Jun 24 2008 7:07pm

…real panic.

This morning when my son woke up he said his left arm hurt. I asked him exactly where and he told me on his axilla. I started to sweat and head up to check it. I found a swollen node!

I stopped breathing, my heart stopped, my energy was gone in a second and I felt like fainting. I checked again and there it was, hurting badly.

I took my son and daughter to the daycare and head up to the family doctor. They still had one appointment left so I took it. I went back to the daycare and pick up my son.

To go straight to the point, the doctor told me that a hurting and mobile node was in fact a good sign under the circumstances.  Why? Because a steady not hurting node has an immediately worse prognostic.

During the appointment we found out that my son has a swollen finger near the nail looking as if there is an infection spot. If there is an infection, the swollen axillary lymph node can mean an infection defensive action, it’s all in the same arm so… (I hope this is the case!!)

Prescription: Antibiotic for 8 days, next Monday, if he still has the swollen node and pain, he has to do an Eco to check the node.

I’m really, really scared and I’ve been crying on and off since this morning. I know I have to wait but I’m really scared and waiting is not my strong virtue.

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