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I’m all alone. What to do?

Posted Sep 15 2010 10:01am

For this self-proclaimed non-mothering-type, I am flabergasted at how emotional I feel this morning.  All three of my babies are at school.  Three – that would be all of them.  At school.  Together.  Away from home.  I kid you not – it seems like yesterday I was dragging my sore pregnant body to school with a toddler and a 5 year old.

So much to process!!  5 years has gone by since we moved here.  House is empty for the first time in 10 years.  Sure, we’ve had babysitting before but this feels different.

Today marks the beginning of a new normal.

My baby – my 4.5 year old is beginning her first steps outside the nest.  Mama doesn’t like this feeling at ALL.  I dont like having them underfoot all day long, but I like having them where I can see them – monitor them – protect them.  Preschool was different – I could pull her out any time I liked (the teachers didn’t like it – but whatever.   It was my dime.)  I could stay in Preschool whenever I liked too.   Not that I liked to.  But I could. Now my only option is to homeschool them to keep ‘em with me – so school it is.

How’s back to school week(s) for y’all?

‘Till next time,


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