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How To Tell If Your 5-8 Year Old Kid Is A Gifted Child

Posted Feb 24 2011 12:27pm
You know what I like most about Babycenter is it keeps me updated on all the things I need to know about my kids. I first discovered Babycenter when I was pregnant with my first born. I signed up and now 7 years after, I am still amazed with the information they present to me.

Receiving a newsletter from Babycenter is like discovering a hidden treasure. It seems like, questions that I am about to asked were already answered, delivered straight to my inbox.

Just now, I got an email on How To Tell If Your 5-8 Year Old Kid Is A Gifted Child. My first born and second born falls on this category and as mom, I want to know if my kids are gifted so I would know how to handle. It's not pushing them to be gifted, just as simple as knowing it.. I ma sure all you moms out there can relate.

Signs of giftedness in a 5- to 8-year-old , Your child may be gifted if she
  • Thinks abstractly; that is, she grasps advanced mathematical and linguistic concepts and can talk about such complex issues as ethics, morality, and religion.
  • Has a specific talent, such as the ability to perform mathematical calculations in her head, or understand concepts like multiplication before they are taught in school. Is able to intensely concentrate and focus on one activity for long periods. Has a large vocabulary and understands words not typically used by peers. Is a leader; that is, often organizes group activities, such as initiating games when she's with other children. Is confident in her accomplishments and ideas. Performs well in academic areas. Is creative; that is, she loves to tell stories, draw, or compose songs. Has a sense of humor and appreciates wit. Prefers to spend time with older children and adults. Performs academic work that is two years ahead of her grade level. Is sensitive to other people's feelings. Memorizes facts easily and can recall them and relate them at appropriate times.
Now if you think your child shows the some or all of the said behavior, you can ask his teacher or their school if they can give test for giftedness.

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