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How to make paper airplanes for kids

Posted Mar 06 2009 2:38pm

Instructions for paper airplanes
There is plenty to be said about kids having a healthy dose of unstructured play in their life. No soccer practice to run to, no piano lessons to fret about. Those things are good to do, but the unencumbered afternoon is something to be cherished for kids.

As a dad, it may mean having a few tricks up your sleeve to get them going in the right direction, whether it’s a handful of dolls or action figures or even a few sheets of paper. That’s right, a few pieces of paper. This is arts and crafts, dad-style. There are a number of good sites that provide easy to understand directions (video too!) for creating a number of classic paper airplanes.

Sure - as parents you sometimes catch yourself “upselling” an activity but paper airplanes needs very little selling. Being able to take a sheet of paper (preferably one that has already been used for something) and transforming it into a moth, stealth or ring plane is totally entertaining for kids, regardless of age. As kids discover the different tricks (loop d’loops and such) that can be achieved by simple modifications to their planes, they will be hooked.

For the more advanced designs, check out the patterns available at How Stuff Works. They have directions for planes like the FA Thunderhawk Paper Airplane and A7 Moonraider Paper Airplane, cool stuff.

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