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How To Increase Your Child’s Self Confidence

Posted Aug 31 2010 7:11am

The solemnness of high self esteem and confidence cant be understated. As a grown up, you would well realize the role that pride can play in everyone’s life. Understanding the solemnness of self image, you would not want your child to be an under warranted shy creature. Therefore, it only makes sense if you work on it right away. Here are some easy tips that may help you enhance your child’s confidence levels.

To raise your child's confidence you have to stick to the golden rule of the P and the C. The 'P' here stands for praise while the ‘C’ represents correct. Next time your child does something wrong, try not just to nag or scold. Instead praise and then correct him. Children frequently accept correction more definitely when it's joined with a little praise. This simple consideration will help them with their self-esteem enormously.

Inferiority complex is something that we all have to handle at sometime during our lifetime. However, this complex typically rears its head more regularly in childhood than in any other part of your life. Not yet an adult, your child will not have the requisite confidence to handle inadequacy complex. But, you can make it easier by ensuring them of their goodness especially in comparison with other kids. Do praise your child often but do not go overboard either as it might have a detrimental effect on their psyche.

Make your child a goal getter. Many mothers and fathers teach their kids as to how to set goals and aims in life but they forget to show them the ways to achieve those goals. Focus more on the plan of action rather than the target itself. If your child wishes to win a character contest in class, tell him all the possible ways he'll do so. Once your kid starts achieving his goals, the level of self esteem is bound to go a nick higher.

Another thing that will help you in achieving the goals quicker is to involve your youngster in the social gatherings. This naturally is easier expounded than done. After all taking a kid to parties can be quite a botheration. It is worth the effort. This may make your child’s confidence go great guns. This is because such gatherings give the kid an opportunity to have interaction with others which is healthy sign for your child’s growth. This could brace the child’s communication talent and can become better with each coming day.

Lastly, parents need to appreciate that raising the confidence levels of a child can take time so don't expect instant results. Give your child a little more patience and attention and you are bound to be the proud parent of a confident child.

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