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How to Help a Choking Baby and Toddler

Posted Aug 06 2011 5:49am

All the steps below are to be performed on Baby and Toddler who are CONSCIOUS.

When you have a choking baby or toddler, the first thing you must do is stay calm. Though it might be really difficult at times, you must understand that panicking can only make things worse.

When you suspect that something is in the throat of your child, put your pinky into the mouth of your child and open the jaws wide to take a good look inside. So as to check if the object is within the reach of your pinky and you can get it out from your child’s throat or the back of the mouth.

If you can see the object, use your pinky to move in against the cheek and as you are moving further into the mouth, hopefully you can come around the object and pop it out.

Note: You MUST be able to SEE the object first, before attempting the above.

NEVER strike the back of your child when he or she is sitting up or standing. This motion can actually cause the object to go down further.

For babies, you should rest them on your lap, hold them by the jaws, facing downwards with body diagonally pointing downwards. Then strike 5 times on the back of the baby.

If the object still refuses to come out. You will need to perform CPR on your baby. Hold the back of the baby’s head with your palm, turn the whole body facing up but body is still diagonally pointing downwards; with your fingers, press the chest of the baby 5 times.

Then check if the object has moved further UP or OUT. If not, repeat the above striking of the back and CPR on the front until the object comes out or (hopefully not) the baby passed out.

(See demonstration in video below)

For Toddlers, find the spot between the belly button and the bottom of the breast bone, where the diaphragm is located. Place one of your fist on that diaphragm spot with your other hand on your fist in a hug-from-the back position; and press the diaphragm part to push the air up, in a way using the air to help push the object out.

(See video below for Full Demonstration)

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