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How To Discipline Your Child Without Spanking

Posted Dec 05 2010 8:52pm

Spanking teaches children, especially younger ones, that is okay to hit. Often, parents spank when they are angry and hit the child harder than they intend to. There are many ways to discipline your child without spanking them or being physical with them.

Putting a child in time out gives the child time to think about what they did wrong and why they are in trouble. The child should not be in the corner or wherever the time out is to take place longer than there age. They should have 1 minute for each year. If the child speaks, gets up or out of the corner, the time starts over. An egg timer is a good tool to use. The timer is good for the child to be able to know when there time is up. Just saying how long they will be in time out does not work because children have no concept of time.

Taking things away as punishment often works instead of spanking. Be sure to tell the child why you are taking the object away. Try to make the child understand what it was that he/she did wrong.When taking things away, it should only be one item at a time. For example, don't take all the matchbox cars or barbies away the first time the child does something wrong. Take 1 away and if they repeat the bad behavior then take more away. The favorite toy being taken away usually has the most desired effect. The length of time you keep the item away from the child depends on the child's age. Younger children may not understand why the item is gone for a long period of time and will forget why it was taken in the first place.

Assigning chores for bad behavior usually only works for older children. A child that doesn't play with toys anymore or is to old for time out will benefit more with assigning chores than younger children. Different household chores can be assigned. Taking out the trash and doing dishes are a couple. Dusting, sweeping or moping are a few more that work. Kids hate to clean the bathroom or there bedroom so those work really well. The idea is to pick something they do not like to do. If your child likes to dust then don't make that a punishment. Older children also tend to learn from what they did wrong when they are made to write sentences about what they did wrong. Usually making them write a sentence saying they will never do whatever it was they did wrong again 100 times works.

Sometimes if the offensive/bad behavior is severe enough grounding the child works best. Not letting the child outside to play gets the point across of there bad behavior not being acceptable. Grounding the child from there game system and TV programs also has the desired effect.

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