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How to Declutter Your Home the Right Way

Posted May 07 2013 11:26am

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In today’s highly materialistic world it’s very easy to acquire a lot of ‘things’ with the endless choice of varied products to buy. This also means that it’s become easy to have lots of clutter in your home. However, getting rid of this clutter is important if your want your home to be organized in an orderly manner. It gets difficult to focus on anything right when you’re home, which obviously leads to mental stress and frustration. So how do you go about decluttering your house without throwing away anything important? How do you create a more organized home and invite more peace in it? Let’s find out how you can do that with a bit of dedication and focus…

#1: Begin with the Right Mindset

One of the reasons why people tend to find it hard to declutter their homes is because they get overwhelmed too soon. However, instead of getting distressed over the cluttered condition of your home, what you need to do is go about the whole process step by step. Forget that you’ve got a big house and focus on one room at a time and don’t move to another one before you’re done with current one. Also, dedicate an amount of time (say a few hours) throughout the day that are devoted to your decluttering activity. Concentrate on one area at a time and you will done fine.

#2: Get Help from Friends or Professionals

Many times getting things in place around the house and going through the decluttering process on your own can be depressing. It can lead to negative feelings where you feel powerless to do anything about the condition of your home. This is why you should hire a professional organizer if you’re serious about getting your place in order. Ignoring the house mess will only make your negative emotions stronger and you’ll end up feeling really helpless. Maintaining a clean home isn’t rocket science, if you take action and not push the problem under the rug.

#3: Use Self-Storage Units

We all have valuable things at home (both big and small). Besides the valuables, there is also stuff that you don’t use, but it’s important. This could include things like antiques or objects of family, heritage or roots. Now instead of cluttering up your home such things, why not find local storage and have them stored there? It’s an economical way to manage all those things that aren’t in immediate use but can’t be thrown away either. However, just make sure you use these self-storage facilities smartly because in the end, you’re paying for them.

All in all, decluttering your house the right way will lead to peace of mind and it will give you the room to think/relax. However, don’t make the mistake of getting too caught up in planning. If you want your home to be organized, you need to take some serious action. Nothing is going to happen on its own magically. The more effort you put into the decluttering your home on a regular basis, the better it is in the long run.

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