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How Having a Child Changed My Outlook on Dating and Romantic Relationships

Posted Apr 09 2010 10:17am

Now that I have a child, I look at dating and relationships much differently.

Becoming a mom has changed my perspective and my choice of partners. It has also provided me with a greater understanding, and acceptance, of those I let into my heart.

My son does things that cause me great frustration and I still love him something fierce. He can say or do anything and my feelings for him and about him do not change.

Unconditional love. It’s when we bring a child into our world (and into our hearts) that we truly comprehend this concept, and how powerfully healing it can be.

I look at Mr. Right and think about all of the amazing qualities he has, the wonderful and thoughtful things he has done for me, gifts he has made with his own hands. I could stare at them all day, mostly because he put so much time and energy into creating something especially, and only, for me. (I look at my son and his creations the same way.)

When we’re together, I don’t want to miss a thing. I take in every detail, paying attention to how my senses are affected – heightened – and how near tears I am at any given moment, my heart overflowing.

When I first brought my son home and even in the hospital, I wanted to stare at him all day and night. I didn’t want to sleep for fear I would miss something, a tiny detail that only a mom could see. I beam with pride when I watch him now, six years later: talking, learning, leaping and loving life.

Unconditional love . Imagine if we looked at every relationship and every person the same way we see our children. As perfect beings. Nothing less.

I accept Mr. Right for everything he is, all that he is not. I don’t want him to change, and yet I know I’d love him just the same if he did. We grow together, blossom in each other’s presence, just as the relationship with my son evolves and develops over time.

Having my son has given me a new perspective, one that I am ever so grateful for. Finding true love has changed my outlook as well.

Perfection. All around me. I am truly blessed.

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