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How do I get a 2year old off a bottle? He wont take sippys!!!

Posted by Contenance

  My 2 year old wont give up on his bottle. He wakes up at night SEVERAL TIMES AT NIGHT crying until i pop a bottle in his mouth, and then crys during the day for a bottle to suck on even if its empty. I have tried every kind of sippy cup, even nuby. What can I replace to give him that comfort?

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Last year when my son was 2 years and 1 month old, we had him leave his bottles for Santa Claus and Santa brought him some new sippy cups.  We had a rough first week where he rejected the sippy cups and he even told us he "didn't like" milk (he had been drinking 8-16oz of milk in a bottle before bed).  We were still warming the milk at this point too because that's the only way he'd drink it.  Eventually he started drinking the milk in the nuby cups warmed up.  Then we stopped warming it so much and now a year later he just said to me the other day "Remember when I didn't like my milk cold?". 

It's not going to be easy but he will get through it.  I guess you also have to ask yourself how important it is to you that he doesn't drink a bottle anymore.  I thought he was getting too old for it but it wasn't really harming him to have it...

Thank you that is very good advice. =) Sounds like its gonna have to be some tough love. I'm inspired to set up a tiny christmas tree in June. LOL

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