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How Dangerous are Birds of Prey?

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:50pm
My yard...front and back...for many years, has been where birds come to die. I don't know why. Probably because I have large flocks of birds that like to live on my property. Sometimes I'll come home and find my entire front yard covered in a blanket of birds. It's a little weird.

Then I had to cut down the mass of honeysuckle and random thorny bushes in my backyard and now there are not as many back there anymore. I hated to do it, but I didn't want my daughter's playset up against the thorn me crazy.

Getting back to my point. Over the years, I have found birds dead here and there on my property. I bury them. If my friends pick them up for me, they usually put them in the garbage. Other times they disappear on their own...I'm guessing cats or something.

We also have a rodent situation that has developed in my town. Over-development causes a lot of problems. Plus, I have some commercial property across the street (pizza, Chinese food, etc.) that doesn't help the situation. My dog that passed away was a hunter and killed everything so I never worried about it. My new dog...not so much.

Well, I've noticed this ginormous cat...something between standard tabby and bobcat...walking around the fence in my backyard. Yesterday, I watched as he grabbed up some little something and eat it...mouse, rat, possum, baby rabbit...I don't know. But I was pretty grossed out.

Then today...oh today. Right in front of my daughter's swingset is either a hawk or a falcon eating what I believe to be a bird...I'm not sure if there were feathers or fur scattered all around...but yuck. It was like a car accident...I couldn't stop looking but I also wanted to throw up.

Part of me can't help but wonder if my yard is just some weird pet cemetery or if the universe sent me some feral cats and birds of prey to take care of the rodent and dead bird population.

Either way...yuck. I know I've seen these birds flying around before. I'm vaguely certainly it's not going to just fly down and attack us nor that the feral cat will jump out of somewhere and attack either, but...I don't know.

I don't even know why I'm writing this. The whole thing just freaked me out. That bird was huge! Two murders in my backyard in two days. Omen? Ugh. I'll tell you this daughter is not going out there by herself ever again.

I need a glass of wine.
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