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How Cartoons Online Became Famous Amongst Kids With Time

Posted Nov 01 2012 2:35am

One assumes this title refers to the passage of time and not to children with too much time on their hands. In other words, we’re asking how cartoons online became famous with children over time – a question about the history of online cartoons – and not how children who haven’t got any other commitments came to know about the existence of the online show…

The history of cartoons online is tied into the history of download speed. It is the speed at which a router is able to assemble downloaded content that determines the quality of a streamed cartoon; which means that, below a certain bandwidth, it’s pointless trying to watch a cartoon on the internet. So cartoons online really became famous for kids when download speeds reached an average by which it was possible to sustain streaming without too much freezing or buffering.

As anyone who loathes that little buffering wheel will know, those times are still not fully with us. While most of the rest of the world apparently enjoys average broadband speeds of hyper galactic proportions, the poor old UK is stuck in the internet equivalent of the Bronze Age – still struggling along with an overall average of around 4Mbps. Such can be the problems of poor download speeds that people argue in Parliament about it: while the average kid, if he or she is watching cartoons online when everyone else is on the net, would be better served just turning on the TV and getting his or her favourite shows direct.

The buffering problem is getting better than it was, of course – though in more rural Ares it is still a real issue. So there’s another way to enjoy online cartoons, which sidesteps the whole problem by downloading packets of information, and storing them in a PC as whole episodes.

These “webcasts” can then be retrieved to be watched in a an appropriate media player offline; for example, the Zune player for the Windows phone, or the Apple media environment. Some players will function both on the computer and the phone, allowing the user to take cartoons as episodes to be stored in a library, where he or she can then watch them at his or her leisure.

The future of cartoons online looks set to get brighter, as the faster 4G home broadband speed sort of looms on the horizon. It’s not quite what is understood by 4G overseas, but it is a whole lot better than three and a half Mbps – new routers are expected to deliver a speed of around 15 Mbps, more than sufficient to watch as many cartoons online as you like without buffering or freezing.

So watching cartoons online has become more famous with children as the technology has opened up to allow them to do it. Web technology; download technology; and the various handheld devices we all now take for granted, all have a part to play.

The modern child is a digital native, savvy to all forms of communications technology. Watching cartoons online has become second nature.

About Author

Olivia is a freelance writer based in Prestatyn who to watch Ben 10 ultimate alien online. She is a big fan of Cartoon Network and has recently been trying out the awesome cartoons online too.

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