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How can I deal with a strong personality, stubborn, I’m-in-charge four years old?

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:07am

I don’t really know if my daughter has a strong personality, what I know is that she drives me insane with her authority and refusal to do what I say even if she know I’ll be mad at her. She’s so stubborn and she really wants things to happen the way she wants. When I contradict her she just throws things on the floor, wants to beat me, etc. Of course this is not her normal behavior, she usually is a very sweet girl, giving me a lot of kisses and hugs, but when I say NO she just goes mad and wants to mark her territory. This same situation happens from time to time in daycare.

My son had this type of behavior when he was younger but he was a lot easier to control, my daughter is difficult to deal with.

My main problem and my problem of every day is being a full time worker. Why? Because it leaves me very, very little time to be with her although this is not an excuse. Most of the times she has this behavior while I’m doing activities (cooking, cleaning, on the computer, etc. ) and I think she knows I’ll be busy to give her full attention, could it be? On the other hand I know full time workers with so well behaved kids.

What am I doing wrong? Can it be her testing my patience to see if I give up contradicting her?

Well, I believe this type of behavior will go away as she grows older.

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