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Houston..We have Terrible Two's

Posted Nov 05 2008 8:31pm
The boys and I got back from our quick trip to Houston for B's transplant clinic!
Brandon is doing fabulous! We are dropping his Prograf (anti-rejection med) level from 1.5ML twice a day to 1.0ML twice a day. We will do labs in 2 weeks just to make sure liver can handle this, they really think it can. We truly do want this level to be as low as possible without him going into rejection, side effects like deadly infections (we already had one scary one - Epiglottis last November) and lymphomas are very real and scary possibilities with anti-rejection medications suppressing the immune system.

The boys were great in the car on the 4.5 hour drive, though I was really banking on them falling asleep in the car, like they normally do for quick trips around town! But no - no sleep. We went to the zoo from 3-5 and there were some fun moments! But also stressful, Aiden is always in a hurry and there was a few times he didn't want to listen to me and kept running ahead or trying to hide, normally if I ask him to wait up, he always does. Brandon really does like to "stop and smell the roses" so to speak, he wants to sit at each exhibit and talk to the animals and tell them all bye and everything else around it bye. "bye elephants, bye sun outside elephants, bye grass, bye momma elephant, bye baby elephant - you get the idea LOL" Aiden is a fast moving explorer while Brandon is a studier :)

Once we were in the hotel, Aiden wanted nothing more then to leave, so we had an interesting evening finding things to do and play and when he did finally fall asleep, it was never for long as I would feel this tapping on my shoulder "momma watch shows!" *sigh*

Wednesday morning labs I just want to forget (2 screaming toddlers yelling NO and throwing themselves on the floor making me try and carry their heavy limp noodle bodies into the lab, I was THAT mom that had out of control kids today and I was pretty frazzled LOL. Oh well! It's over! No more trips to Houston until our yearly in May and I WILL find someone to watch Aiden or have Brian take a couple vacation days LOL

Zoo Pics

The boys loved these rare creatures under our car! HAHA!

Hotel Pics

Aiden is trying oh so hard to stay awake! LOL

Just a couple clinic pics, we love our transplant team, Texas Children's is such a superior hospital, I am always in awe of this place just walking in the doors.

These are Brandon's amazing, kind, caring and knowledgeable liver transplant coordinators Deisa and Julie :)

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