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Horror of Horrors- and first baby purchase

Posted Apr 10 2009 12:00am
Today I was weighed.


I've gained 9 lbs. Granted I was wearing a thick, heavy sweater and I had just eaten lunch. So it's probably closer to 6-7 lbs in truth (which makes me feel a little better, so let me believe!). In fact, I made my next appointment for the morning, before lunch!

I'm going to be more careful with how I eat, making sure I get a little more exercise in, too. Not so I can lose weight, but so I can gain weight more appropriately for my size. I'm coming in this already large-n-in-charge and the larger you are the more careful you have to be or you run some pretty major risks (gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, edema, etc.).

Okay, now for the fun stuff! Butterfly went with me to the appointment and we got to listen to the heartbeat. Doc said it was coming in around 157 bpm! It took him some time to find the heartbeat but I wasn't worried. Once he found it baby moved away. How cool is that?! I was thinking to myself, "They're in there... moving around!"

I've always been really skeptical of the women who say they feel movement before week 16 but I swear I feel flutters really low, where the bone is and I don't have gas. I'm not going to count it as real yet. Maybe it is baby and maybe it isn't! Maybe my bowels are just trying to chat with me; I don't know! But it's very interesting to the say the least and fun to guess. I know what baby movements feel like and gas DOES feel like baby movements- this was just different!

After my appointment Butterfly and I went out to get her some new shoes and shop around. While at T.arget (they have the cutest shoes right now, BTW) I found this hand-carved wooden elephant made in India. I couldn't resist getting it, even if we're not having a boy!

My second purchase was a really cool toy I found on clearance at W.almart. They are soft, large nesting blocks!

I have to be honest... we just got our tax return and I wanted to buy the infant seat and the crib but I was a good girl and decided to wait until Daniel was with me. I really want to get a big item that we need! I'll definitely post when we do get some more baby stuff. But alas, those are my first two purchases for this baby!

And here's a shot of the nursery so far. It is taking me forever to paint the trim. I get tired too easily and I have to stop when my body decides it is time to stop. I bought rollers tonight so I'll be able to start rolling on the green for the bottom half of the wall:

I have no idea what to do with the closet door? Should I paint it brown like the rest of the trim? It's solid wood and antique (6-paneled doors are extremely expensive!) so I'm kind of put-off with painting it... but it also looks strangely "orange-ish" now. And the previous little child who lived in the room (before we bought the house) GLUED stickers and baseball cards all over the door. I've tried Goo Be Gone and Mineral Spirits to get it off but you can still see some of the stubborn gunk that wouldn't come off.

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