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Homework – Is it so tough?

Posted Mar 05 2013 4:44am

Going into the 3rd year, my son Ian, is still struggling in delivering his homework on time. He still hides his homework, refusing to do them. Sometimes although already completed, he would not hand in his homework, which I don’t understand why.

Last year, I took the effort to go to the school, with the intention to discuss with the class teacher what we can do to monitor him, because the teacher did not even notice he didn’t hand in his homework. For me, I did not know what homework he has, so he doesn’t get discipline from both parties at all.

However, the teacher was not willing to work with me, and she even doesn’t want to see me, even to this day. Unfortunately Ian’s class teacher remains the same for the 3rd year.

I have gone down to the extent of asking his classmate to check and sign his homework book, so that I can check at home. That still didn’t solve the issue. I still occasionally found out he did not do some homework.

I am so tired of monitoring or forcing him to do it.

Thinking back of my student time… looks like he is just like me.

Yes! I HATE HOMEWORK TOO. I did it very slowly too, and I always struggle in completing and delivering them. I was the expert in hiding homework, and even got myself into troubles. After the 2nd year being taught by the same teacher, when I was in standard 5, she called my dad to the school and told him everything about me — specifically about my homework.

When I got home that day, I had to kneel down at the family altar, received severe caning, and further threat to make me “sell-laziness” during the following CNY. I then got really scared about it, and only slowly started to repent.

True repentance actually came when I entered my 6th year. I knew the new class teacher was the most scary and strictest teacher in the entire school. He has has own fame in disciplining students. I was warned by my St 5 teacher before the end of school year… and that year’s school holiday itself, for the first time, I completed my school holiday homework. LOL!

I guess Ian inherited this from me.

BUT, I don’t know why he hates mathematics. I am very good at it, and I loved maths. Now maths is his struggle. Geez…..

I am a sufferer from homework, I really don’t know how to help my son to go through the same suffering ler… Sigh!

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