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home tour ~ living room

Posted Nov 07 2010 9:49pm
I feel the need to begin with a disclaimer.  

We've only been in our house for 2 while we have stuff placed and things on the walls, it's not necessarily where they will stay.  Or maybe they will, "ya just never know," is actually what I tell Jimmy. 'Cause when he hangs something, he always says, "Now, are you sure this is where you want it for good?"  And I just laugh.  For good?  What does that even mean??  

Ya, so that being said....these pictures show the right now. 
Paint color will come, oh yes, but only when we've recovered from being broke.  And Christmas.  Which is actually another term for being broke.  Buying a house + Christmas = no painting or buying new stuff for the house till the new year.  Sigh.  Woah the sacrifices that I make.
My my, kind of a long disclaimer there, but I think I got it all out.
And living room.
I'll show the before (staged pictures), and then the afters with our own stuff.
We decided to ONLY use and decorate with the stuff we already have...
So we are making it work, budget style.
Before: vian12
After: P1000205
Before: vian14
After: P1000207
Before: vian13
After:  P1000208
Ya know, after spending a year in the apartment with a family of 5, we realized that we actually kind of loved being in a small space.  We loved being close, and we loved that we were forced to downsize our "stuff."  
What we didn't love was that the kids couldn't go out to run and play with safety & freedom. We didn't love our lack of privacy in that our front windows faced the parking lot, and our living room became a fishbowl for all those coming and going.
It was easy then to determine what we wanted in a home.A small space with lots of land and lots of privacy.And, of course, a bathtub with jets.Duh.And after a thousand months (felt like) we got it. A little home under 1200 square feet with over half an acre.
And we are in love.More and better pictures to come.
© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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