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Home Sweet Home

Posted Jan 17 2010 9:20pm

Last night was our first overnight at the new apartment. There was nothing to do but play cards since we packed up just a handful of items to bring with us at the last-minute. We snuggled next to each other at bedtime to stay warm, the sun waking us up this morning, reminding us where we were (the sunlight had a difficult time reaching us at our old place).

We sprawled our sleeping bags out on the floor of my son’s new room and brought just a few items to set up in the kitchen and bathroom – enough for a sleepover. Today, we made our second trip, bringing over a few more things that we realized we would need for our second night in the new place: warmer clothes (it was freezing here last night), and of course, my computer.

It’s amazing what one can live without when faced with the opportunity to really look at what you need. Downsizing has been, and will continue be, a way for me to really focus on the important things, allowing me more quality, face-to-face time with my son and providing ample time to finally finish the books that have collected dust on my nightstand.

There’s no TV here yet and I’m seriously considering whether we really “need” one. My son and I rarely watch television, but certainly take advantage of the DVD player and videos we’ve accumulated over the years. We can easily watch those on the computer and if all else fails, we have plenty of games and toys to keep ourselves occupied. I really see no reason to haul the heavy screen up the stairs and into our peaceful little cottage, a place that overlooks an array of trees and houses in the distance – a beautiful view that I feel will inspire me and my writing.

Tonight, I’m on call, cleaning up after my son since he’s been sick for the last few hours. You’d think there’d be nothing left to throw up after getting rid of his dinner, but he’s still writhing and retching in his sleep as I stand by, waiting for it to stop so we can finally get rid of this awful smell.

Being a parent means having to deal with the unexpected. As much as we plan and prepare, we can never underestimate the power of a sick child.

We’re staying in tonight and because my son’s marked his territory already by getting sick here, I know that he already considers this home. It’ll be hard to forget this first weekend in our new place, but we’ll have many more memories to create here. I’m just hoping they’ll be more positive and won’t create as much laundry.

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