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Posted May 28 2009 12:29pm
     Home based businesses always existed, just not in the way that we see it today.   It is long forgotten that most countries, including the United States, originally had their basis in farming, tailoring, shoemaking, and even food preservation just to name a few.   These were the ways in which people used to earn a full living long before the Industrial Revolution.   We have now been engulfed in the Computer Age for a number of years in which large corporations have made themselves the main staple for the incomes of most people in the "civilized countries".   We must now re-examine our dependences, way of thinking, work ethic, and of course companies that offer better opportunities for us.

     There is not much to mention regarding the stability of some of the present companies.   The grounds in which many of them were well-founded have shifted if not altogether have been removed.   Good business practices had been replaced by taking on overwhelming debt resulting in the laying-off of many needed jobs.

      To answer the need for this ever increasing unemployment gap, some corporations have realized that they can hire individuals to work out of their own homes as independent contractors.   This is a great relationship for both sides.   The corporations save money in employment related costs to their business and in so doing, more profits are carried over to the independent contractor.      Thanks to the internet, people can be equally productive at home, if not more in many cases.   Now one must understand that a home-based business is not going to be a pure bed of ease.   If you don't intend to put much effort into it, you may be setting yourself up for a disappointment.   On the other hand, most people who have worked a regular 9-5 job have probably done the work of more than one individually anyway.   Such a fact should encourage anyone who desire to work at home that they are probably more qualified than they originally thought.        There are many business opportunities out there and of course you must be careful.   You should approach a home-based business no less than what you would normally do for a regular corporation interview.   You should try to know more about the company, what, why, and how.   If any company has a "no care" attitude when it comes to laws, regulations etc... Run for the hills!   Sooner or later they will be flushed away -it is up to you not to be swept away with them.   Use common sense; see if they have a legal compliance department.   Many good ones do.   Also know that companies are like people, just because they were great years ago doesn't mean they are now.   Remember as the CEO, Presidents or   Managers change, so can the business practices of a company, department, job or business opportunity -the good, the bad, the ugly (illegal)).   It is up to you to look carefully.      I recommend if you find a good home based business, Great!   Now find another one.   The times have changed in which we can no longer rely on one income alone.   Many of us have grown a bit spoiled by trusting in companies to take care of us as in the past.   We must now have a backup plan.   Why not two (or 3) opportunities, and of course if you have a job, don’t leave It!!   Start the opportunity while you have an income, but again work hard in it as you would in your own job.    It will treat you how you treat it.   If you put little or no effort in you should expect little or no income.        I have started more than one on-line business.   One is involving helping people lose weight and being paid to do the same.   This business opportunity is something that I see myself being involved in regardless the incentives because it is fun, relaxing, and social.   The company's name is Beachbody.   I now actually look forward to working out.   Beachbody is famous for their great training programs like:   P90X, 10-Minute Trainer, Slim in 6, and Turbo Jam just to name a few.      If anything, choose something to do!   Business opportunities usually have training that will assist you in being successful in other companies.   Action removes fear, so if you’re worrying, stop worrying and just do it!  

      If you are interested knowing more about Beachbody training programs or in our Coaching Opportunity, feel free to contact through this site's email.

     Take Care & God Bless. 

      The following are 2 success stories


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