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Holiday Check In

Posted Dec 12 2013 12:00am

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, it's coming up - as of today, we have 13 days. 

Less than two weeks. 

Are you feeling the pinch yet? Struggling? Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, with too much on your plate and not enough time to get it all in?

You are not alone. I promise - we are all feeling the same. Well, most of us. I don't know of anyone who has it all done ahead of time, has more than enough money, knows just exactly what to buy for each and every person, and never forgets anyone on the gift list.

I may or may not forget someone every.flippin.year. I'll never tell. :)

So, let's discuss.

I thought that maybe, over the next couple of days, we could break it down. Over a day or two, let's pick a gift giving area and pool our knowledge and expertise together. Maybe we can help each other out of some tight spots. 

For example, today - let's talk teachers. Now, I don't know about you, but my kids combined have roughly 594757305 teachers. Ain't nobody got time (money, OR energy!) to buy gifts for that many people. I let my kids pick one teacher, usually their favorite, and that teacher will get a small basket of baked goods from me - after I check to see if there's any food allergies, etc. Often, I do a loaf of bread, some honey butter and some jam that I made over the summer. Once, my daughter told me that her teacher complained of not having enough chalk - and so we bought ten boxes. I have bought 5ish copies of a book that the class will read together in the upcoming months, just to make it easier on the teacher. Or, you know, Starbucks works well too. 

I'm interested to hear your thoughts - and who is your area of concern this holiday season?

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