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Hold On

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:03pm
The date on the back of this photo says October 13, 2001. So many years ago. At that time in my life, so much was uncertain, but I knew that I wanted to hold on to him forever.

(Sorry about the CORN in the photo, but this IS Indiana.)
Once a very long time ago, Shane's dad asked if we were ever separate in photos. If I could ever be in a picture with Shane without having my arm or hand on him in some way. I told him no, that I couldn't, and it's true. In eight years, I haven't wanted to let go. I hope I never do.

(This is my most very favorite of our recent touchy-touchy photos, even though I look like a pale, washed out version of myself, but HELLO, I just had a BABY.)
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