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Posted Dec 05 2009 2:57am

I was reading a book last night, donated to me by the lovely Hester, after a certain local libray made her BUY the book just cos some wee teeth marks from a darling pup were on the back cover ... how mediveal, but I digress.

Said book was a Trinny and Suzannah fun read on how to make the year work. I'd be happy just to make a week work ...

Said book had a wee exercise where one was suppose to write down what one would want to do if money and education / training was no barrier. On reading this I thought 'phiffle' and read on.

Yet tonight I am sitting here fantising about having a peoney farm .... and it struck me. This is what I would do if money and training and knowledge was no obsticle.

So can you not just see me running round in wellies, checking the blooms, walzting thru row apon row of beautiful, full heads of flaming coral reds, softest blushing pinks, bold hues of fluro pink, mutted shades of purples and the creamiest of creamy whites. Ohhh yes please.

I have stolen these images from around the web so you too can go 'ohhhhh.'

Given I have next to zero knowledge of these things it seems overly optimistic that I might have a farm. But I do know they need cold and frost. Well Dunedin has cold and frost in buckets.

And I do know there is a peoney farm already somewhere around the outskirts ... so someone knows something ... I will investigate. After all I do have afew years in Whoop Whoop to put to good use. Hee hee love le xoxo

PS which was your fav from these pics .... the last one is my fav.
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