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Hippychick Hipseat—Gives Mothers Supreme Convenience and Peace of Mind

Posted Jun 09 2010 11:42am

The Hipseat Hippychick is a very simple contraption but it definitely proves to be an answer to the needs of most moms out there.

One of the biggest problems new mothers face is that of carrying their infant wherever they go.

Well, the infant won’t walk for a while, he or she needs to be carried, but this can be strenuous on the woman who is just out of a painful process of childbirth.

That is the reason the Hipseat Hippychick has become popular—this is a contraption that allows babies to be carried with minimal effort, helping to even maintain the strength of the back.


The name says it actually, but to elaborate—the Hipseat supports itself on the mother’s hip.

She puts the contraption around the hip and there’s a seat where the baby can be comfortably placed in.

The good thing about this seat is that the top half of the baby can be easily held by the mother in whichever way she wants.

Most baby seats don’t work because mothers aren’t able to touch their babies conveniently when they are carrying them in it, but with the Hipseat there is the psychological solace that she is still able to hold the baby.

It is this touch that gives the mother the peaceful feeling that the baby is being carried in the right way.


One of the problems about the way in which mothers traditionally carry their babies is that they need to lean too much on the opposite side so that they can balance the child’s weight.

But this is not healthy at all—since the mother is going to carry the baby for at least two years, it might cause unhealthy problems with the backbone that might persist for ever.

Nobody wants such complications to linger.

That’s one more reason why the Hipseat works.

Mothers are able to have the right posture with their babies and that certainly helps.

It is almost as if the possibilities of getting aches in the back and internal injuries are lessened.


As yet, the reviews of the Hipseat have been quite forthcoming.

Their design is quite sturdy, without any small parts, due to which there is no possibility of them breaking down quite suddenly or malfunctioning.

Like a loyal companion, they always help mothers in being able to carry their kids in the perfect and the most convenient manner.

Due to its novel design and utility, it is no surprise that a lot of people are already speaking about how wonderful the device is.


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