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Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am
And I'm not talking hair here people.

Okay, maybe I will. Just for a second. Because I can't be the only mom on the planet that did her own highlights yesterday. And not yesterDAY really, but more like yesterNIGHT. Near 11pm to be exact. And finished washing it all clear and clean a whole 30 seconds before her daughter started screaming and then promptly vomited everywhere--can I?

Aside from the vomit, who in the hell highlights, and then continues to style, their hair at near midnight? Apparently I do. I'm afraid to admit it's a common occurrence in these parts because I'm too cheap to have someone else do my hair. And really, who has the time? I'd love to say my husband graciously offers to watch the kids for 3 hours while I go to a posh salon and enjoy some down time. But if I said that, I'd be lying. Lying through my teeth to be exact. It took me some crab- assing to get a whole half hour to run down the street to the Great Clips on Sunday. And we almost didn't make it before closing. Mind you, that was EVERYONE. Since, you know, right after the hair cut I had to man-handle my daughter to sit still while we wandered Target for toilet paper and Q-tips. But that's another story.

Let's see... highlights. Oh yes. My weekend in a highlight reel. You already got last night's spectacular run down. Try Friday to match it. The same daughter that vomited, started out sickly too when she had a double-ear infection diagnosed. Not because she looked sickly, had a fever, or was coughing like there was no tomorrow (that would be too easy). But because she awoke with eye drainage. Just like earlier in the week. Hauling her into the doctor's office was my brilliant idea (for once), and look at that! She was indeed sick. Though not acting a thing like it. Then again, she couldn't hear a damn thing.

Next up is Saturday's greatness. And really, it kinda was. We did the soccer thing in the morning. Spent the afternoon outside in the goodness called fall (the fall days I like, 70 degrees and sunny) and then ate a dinner out of the house. Which meant I didn't have to lift a finger. Which always means I love it. Except for the whole diaper blow out episode (damn Augmentin antibiotic! Why must you cure the ailments of sick child but cause serious diaper episodes?).

And then we are back to Sunday. Which means highlights, puking, a couple loads of laundry at 1am and then again at 3am. Happily, I'll report, we just had one incident Le Barf. Drawback was that I couldn't get any shut-eye thereafter. I kept waiting for her to spew again. And then The Kiddo started coughing. It just never ends. Except for when you have to awake for a day at the office. Which brings me to today. Another Monday.
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