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Hi-Tech Ant Farm

Posted May 20 2009 10:14am
high-tech antfarm

Here’s a wonderful timeless gift for a kid. I mean really what kid wouldn’t love a high-tech ant farm filled with mysterious iridescent blue goo that the ants eat and turn into a maze of tunnels. And don’t worry parents, no queens included. The container has a LED light on the bottom so when you turn it on their whole blue goo world glows with light. It’s pretty clever. An ant farm night light.

Evidently, the mysterious goo has all the food and water needed for these Harvester Ants to survive. And don’t worry parents, no Queen in these colonies, so no need to fret. The gel arrives as a solid. Once you add ants to the gel, then the true fun begins.

The ants bite off pieces of the gel and carry them around the gel ant farm in much the same way as they would particles of sand. Watch them dig an endless maze of tunnels. Using the included magnifying glass and extreme zoom lens, you can observe their behavior.

Kids will get to see first hand how colonies are developed and maintained, how the individual ants interact with each other and see them collect and carry their food and keep their nest clean.

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