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Hey kids, let's go for a walk...

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:55pm
Only 2 more days until Cole and Bella start their new preschool. But who's counting? It's not like I'm drawing huge red X's on my calendar at the end of each extremely long day.

I figured the next 2 days would go by super fast if I had a ton of things for us to do. So I found this really awesome website DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids that has a ton of ideas for crafts for kids of all ages! I sat at the computer with Cole and Bella and went through the various projects that were suggested for their age group and let them choose a project each.

Bella chose a Sleeping Beauty toilet paper craft and Cole chose the same project but with a triceratops (he's going through a dinosaur phase). Bella refused to pose for a pic with her craft...perhaps she was having a bad hair day. Here are the finished projects:

In the afternoon, I got all the kids ready to go outside to play in the water (and I had managed to find 20 water balloons that had yet to be used that I had hidden away...apparently, so well that I forgot I had them). It took me about 35 minutes (no, I don't stare at the clock all day...who am I kidding?) to get them all into their bathing suits, lathered up with sunscreen and get all the snacks ready in containers to be taken outside. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the tree in our neighbor's yard swaying violently in the wind. It never dawned on me to actually go outside and make sure it was a "water play" kind of day. I just saw plenty of sunshine and blue skies and assumed it was extremely hot outside. Well, it was but there was a very cool breeze coming through and I knew the kids would be uncomfortably cold in the water. I wanted to hit myself upside the head at that point...

So I stripped them all down again and got them back into their clothes and said, "Hey kids, let's go for a walk" and prayed like a crazy woman that they were all interested. Miracles do happen...they were all game for going for a walk. Got Cole and Bella on their bikes and the little twins in their stroller and we were off....Cole suggested we take pictures along the way.

Of course Cole and Bella had to stop every 5 minutes along the way to pick various flowers....a 20 minute walk with them can easily turn into a 60-minute walk.

I finally got a pic of all 4 of them, but alas the little twins aren't looking at the camera but it's good enough. At least all 4 of them are IN the SAME picture.

We had to stop by the lake and watch the Mama Duck swim with her soon as I let the little twins out of the stroller, Garrett grabbed his sippy cup and headed towards the fence. It took me about 20 seconds to realize what he planned to do with the sippy cup...."look, Mama, my sippy cup fits nicely through these slats on the fence....ooops, I dropped it into the bad"
Cole and Bella decide that throwing rocks into the lake is a cool way to kill time...
Landon, obviously, has better things to examine a huge pile of dog poop that someone's dog left on the grass.

We're finally on our way back home (60 minutes later). Cole has figured how to make skid marks with the tires on his bike. He was very impressed with this particular skid mark he made and exclaimed, "Mommy, take a picture of me next to my huge skid mark". They're so innocent, aren't they? Someday they'll learn probably from a friend that "skid marks" can refer to other not-so-cute things (and we definitely won't wanna take pictures of those skid marks...I just know with 3 boys, it's inevitable)

This was probably the most entertaining part of our walk. This little old man in a scooter (I could totally picture him in one of those ads "I love my Round-About and my insurance paid for the whole thing") came speeding up to us and yelled out to Cole and Bella, "Hey kids, nice day for a bike ride, huh?" and, being the friendly and curious little kids that they are, chased the man down the street, yelling to him various questions like, "why are you riding on the street and not the sidewalk?", "did your mom say it was okay to not wear a helmet?", "do you have a dog?", "where's your house?"....the old man just kept smiling, trying to ignore them in the hopes that not answering would stop Cole and Bella but they were not to be deterred. He even tried breaking eye contact with them but even that didn't stop them. They continued to chase him down the street and I'm sure they were still yelling questions to him, though I couldn't hear because they were getting further away from me....

Here's where I yelled to them, "Cole and Bella, hit the brakes and wait for me....stop badgering that man". Then once I caught up to them, I had to explain what "badgering" meant.

Oh, and here's a huge spider that they insisted on me taking a picture of. I said to them, "Now this is pure unconditional love...I hate spiders yet I'm willing to practically climb into this bush to get a picture of this spider for you". Bella said, "Mommy, I'm so so sorry". I said, "does this mean I don't have to take the picture?" and she said "no, I just said I was sorry but I still want the picture of the spider". After snapping this picture, I asked Cole, "why do you think leaves are green?" and he said, "just because they are". I asked Bella, "why is the sky blue?" and she said, "because it is". Then Cole noticed a couple clouds in the sky and I asked "how come there are only 2 clouds?" and he said "because the other clouds are on vacation". And then we finally arrived home....75 minutes later.

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