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Hey Douches, catch a clue?!?!?!

Posted Apr 01 2012 12:00am

No, I don't want to write for your blog.
No, I don't guest post for shit, and I don't want you guest posting on my shit!
Don't ask me to advertise shit for you unless it's seriously fucked up and you want me to make fun of it.
Now, let me get this clear for you...
I do not write about breast pumps and breast feeding. I don't write about the cute shit my kids did or have done. I don't write about the quality of parenting, or how cool and smart my kids are..
As a matter of fact: I'm quite contentless.
Now, if you're looking for someone to write about how to teach your kids to get beer and how to put oven fires out when you're passed out drunk......I'm your writer.....
Other than that....I really suggest you not asking for my talentless talent....

Click Here for the Moms that I cant stand series..

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