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Here's to hoping I don't have insomnia

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:19am
I know that 11:44 PM isn't late, but it is for me. Especially since lately I have been sucked in my the internet, mostly Raverly and friend's blogs (okay so I don't *know* most of these people and I kind of feel like a stalker....but what of it?!?) Tonight while Chicken was watching some Sponge Bob around 8:30 I kept dozing off. This wouldn't be too bad if the Hubby were home, but tonight he is at his dad's house about 25 miles away watching the Buckeyes do their thing. I don't mind that he is gone, but when I crash early the Chicken and Giggles really take advantage of it and will stay up forever. So I forced myself awake around 9 and sent Chicken off to bed. She tried to get me to let her sleep downstairs. "No way sister" was my reply, because lately her room has been "scarey" and it is all "noisey" and "windy" Now I could take that if she was 4 and we just moved in our house, but we have been here over 2 years and she is nearly 10. She gets up at all hours of the night waking me and trying to convince me that she needs to bunk with someone else. The first couple of nights it was cute, but when she kept me up til 4 in the morning 2 nights in a row, it became bothersome. So, she is a light sleeper and now that it is winter and the buffer of greenery is gone she is hearing the suburbs. Deal with it Chicken, didn't you get the memo....we aren't ever moving again! I love my house and until these girlies are gone, we are here to stay. But anyways, I get Chicken off the bed, then Giggles wants to use her last hour before bed to play PS. Sure, I pass out again, but right as I am going out cold a ladybug hits my eyelid. I freaked out and wiped "something" away. Giggles is laughing at me thinking I am losing my mind. Finally about 15 min later I feel something on my wrist, its the darn lady bug again! So I pick it up and toss it outside, but now I feel all creepy crawly and I think it is because I am exhausted....but.....I caught a second wind, or at least my body thinks I have, but my mind has yet to catch up. I took Oscar out for a last pee and it is so nice out and I could just sit on my porch and knit. (High 60s in NE ohio in January...I saw people, scarey white legged people, in shorts this morning while taking my mom to was scarey!!) But I know I need sleep. Tomorrow is a looooongggg day. Hubby goes in later in the morning as he has switched shifts, but I still get to get up with the girls and Giggles has to get up at 6 AM......ugh! While they are at school I am hoping to spin a lot of fiber for tomorrow night as I don't think I have much to take in, and I really wanted to take in spun fiber not roving for our annual dye day.....but we shall see. I also have to block a couple of things. Giggles has a basketball game, Chicken has Cheerleading, I have my guild meeting and hubby won't be home until all of this is over. UGH! I am sorry I am just rambling on and on AND I am whining...I think. I am going to go upstairs and hopefully go to sleep soon. But I will knit mindlessly to relax my mind...hopefullly. Wishing you all a good night!
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