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Herb bread and granola bits

Posted May 14 2009 4:33pm

How was the weekend? For us we had a pretty good one. We were at a wedding, met up with some old friends and went on a picnic to a lake. Great time!

Besides that Italy won the Soccer championships. Germany won their match for 3rd place. Not bad for a weekend!

I have a question for you all and the advice would help! What do you do when your kid says he/she does not want to go to school/pre-school? Ok I understand school is a bit different because of the learning/projects/tests etc. But nursery, kindergarten etc. is different.

Do you say "OK for one day - I can relate to that as sometimes I too do not fancy going to work!" Or are do you say "Nothing doing ... you're going and that's final!"

I opted for the first variant today! Soeren for the first time since two and half years said he just did not fancy going to KIGA. It surprised us to hear that because it was not just out of a mood. We tried to ask him why, but at the moment he was in no mood to discuss it. So I said "OK ... fine, but mum has to work all day and daddy is at the university all day. No one has any time to play with you. All the neighbors kids are at school etc. So you'll have to keep yourself busy." He agreed.

As I write this up though he seems to be getting the first bouts of "hey playing alone all day ain't so hot" feeling! Let's see how it goes.

I had made the lunch box before we decided that he would stay at home so I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

A delicious herb bread (yes it will be in the review!) spread with cream cheese. A wiener sausage with a few cherry tomatoes. Luscious, sweet grapes and a vanilla yoghurt with crunchy honey flavored granola bits to top off. Treat today a creamy almond bar.

Adult Variation: I'd like to turn the table around this week. Why don't you tell me how you would modify the lunch box for yourself. It would interest me how you make the variation. So, all this week I am looking for your variations to Soeren's lunchbox. I really look forward to your responses!

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