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Her latest book

Posted Mar 11 2009 4:02pm

My girl loves to write and draw. Her favourite toy is her drawing board. She also keeps a notebook with her storybook collection where she will write story after story. She comes up with a title, draws a box around it, decorates it a bit, then writes her story. When she is done, she moves on to the next page with the next title and story just like in a real storybook collection.

The above is my little author's latest story. Thats the title and the cover which she designed herself. She hasn't written the story yet. I can't wait to read it.

Most of her stories feature herself. One funny one went like this...... (I've left it as it is unedited together with the spelling errors etc.)

Mary's Flowery Garden

Once upon a time, Mary had a flowery garden, because she was good. So, Mary even was sent to kidspots, and oslo to McDonlness, KFC, and A and W and even dominos. So she was very happy, skippng away, taking to herself, looking at herself and oslo, playing toy slides and the A and W slides too! The end.

Here's another cute one....

The Rocket that flew so high

Once upon a time, there was a rocket that flew so high. She flew so high that she was so near a moon and many stars. She was a Girl. She is a Pink Rocket. Pink for girls to go in. She was so happy that she flew so high in the sky. and i forgot to tell you one more thing it's when she was happy, she oslo flew as fast as she can! She flew everywhere she liked and affter that, it was time to go home! The end.

To encourage her creativity and her love for writing, I've bought her a pc game called the Storybook Weaver Deluxe. Its going to be our school holiday project. She was so excited just hearing the title of the cdrom game. Will update more about it once we learn how to use it.

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