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Her favorite singer is a 1970's adult contemporary recording artist

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
Lately I have been doing a lot of driving, spending a whole lot of time in the car - due to things like moving and bringing Charlotte back and forth to her daycare, which is much closer to our old house. We decided to keep her there a few days a week until she starts preschool, to keep consistency in her routine, especially when the new baby comes.

But anyway, since we are spending more time in the car, we're listening to a lot of music. We listen to music when we're home hanging around the house, but when we're in the car, I notice it more when Charlotte sings along. And so I have noticed some very clear preferences from my 2 year old which I find rather hilarious.

One of my fellow New England Mamas, Mrs. Chicky, has written a few times about her adorable daughter's music preferences - and I always think how great it is that she exposes her to cool music. Like the Ramones.

I, on the other hand, am not that cool. In fact, I am not cool at all. I am actually pretty dorky, especially when it comes to my music preferences.

If you've been reading along for any stretch of time, you'll know that I listen to a huge range of music. While a lot of that music is great, a lot is really terrible. Nonetheless, it really is an eclectic mix. When I remember, I plug my iPod into the car. My car also has a 6-CD player, which is great for the times I forget the iPod.

Just to illustrate my point, here are the 6 CD's in my car right now:

1. Krishna Das - Live on Earth...For a Limited Time Only
2. Israel Vibration - Strength of My Life
3. Sesame Street - Platinum All Time Favorites
4. Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals - The Will to Live
5. Forever Freestyle
6. Steve Winwood - Junction Seven

So. Yep. Diverse, no? Pretty much the only kids music Charlotte listens to is the Sesame Street stuff, mostly because she doesn't watch anything else on TV. No Dora, no Wiggles, no whatever else it is that kids these days watch. Though I did notice her absolutely RIVETED by an episode of Bob the Builder one day when we were at my parents' house. And I'm not going to lie, the Sesame Street CD kind of makes my ears bleed but I figure it's either that or Raffi. I'll take Sesame Street any day of the week over that.

Anyway - this morning, as I drove her to school, I wanted to make note of her current favorite songs. And wouldn't you know it, her tastes seem to be as diverse as mine. Right now, she is rocking the f out to:

1. November Rain - G 'n R
2. Karma Police - Radiohead
3. Spy in the House of Love - Steve Winwood

And by rocking the f out, I mean some car seat dancing and enthusiastically singing along. Isn't that nuts? She might not say much but the kid sure can sing. Poorly, but she enjoys it. I'll keep you posted on what she's into next week.
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