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Help Prevent Childhood Obesity With

Posted Apr 23 2009 3:45pm (It's up to you) wants to help you learn more about healthy living and childhood obesity prevention. On their website they state that, " 12,500,000 American children are overweight, In the last 30 years this number has tripled. By 2010, an estimated 20% of our country's children will be obese."

These statistics are scary. Your children are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even death at a young age. Every parent wants the best for their children. We try to give them the best education possible, a nice home, and clothing. Now is the time to teach our children how to stay healthy. We should also want the best health for our children.

The website has lots of valuable information on childhood obesity and how you can prevent it. You can get all of your health questions answered by a celebrity, sign the Fit Kids Act, and learn from experts right on their website.

The Fit Kids Act would make it mandatory for elementary students to have 150 minutes of physical education a week, middle school and high school students would have 225 minutes of physical education each week, and schools would have to educate parents, teachers and administrators of the dangers of childhood obesity. Their goal is to have 100,000 signatures so that Washington will notice and make these necessary changes.

You can also take charge of your family's health by encouraging physical activity and outdoor play, serving healthy snacks and meals with fruit, veggies and lean protein and teaching children to make healthy choices about food and fitness.

Visit It's Up To today and sign the petition. You can make a difference in the lives of millions of children.

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