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Help me help you help me ( I think )..

Posted May 14 2009 4:34pm

Ok, so we have all noticed my bits of insanity.
To help me determine my instability, I have arranged a few questions for you guys.
Based on your answers , my sanity shall be known.

1. Have you ever farted in a crowded area and blamed it on the person/kid next to you ?

2.Have you ever drove your car on the highway thinking you were all alone, only to be caught out picking your nose by the massive truck driver right next to you ?

3. Have you started a fight with a loved one for no good reason ?

4. Do you "air guitar" at least once a week ?

5 Have you ever called a kid cute while thinking " those two fucking people should have never bred "?

6. Pretended to seriously know something without having a fucking clue ?

7. Convinced others that your just a fucking weirdo.

8. Pretend your poor to get something free at least ONCE !!

9 Won the lotto or money ? Cause I never have ...ever...

10. Forget someone's name while they have said yours 100x in that conversation alone ?

11. Dislike other people's kids ?

12 Celebrate a holiday that you had no clue as to what your celebrating ?

13. Look like a hooker on purpose ?

14. Get a fucking retarded tattoo while drunk ?

15. Have a real bad regret that you can't live down ?

Thank you guys !!! Can't wait to hear some of the stories..

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