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Help fuels savings with improved driving habits

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:43pm

What is the fuels efficiency of your car (or better say - your driving)? To calculate your fuels efficiency, use the total km traveled divide by total fuels consumed in liter. You will get km/l. Some people calculate it the other way round - the concept is the same. So, what is your fuels efficiency in km/l?

My highest efficiency is 14.8 km/l. It used to be 12.8 km/l, if I am not following the tips . In good condition, I used to go up to 16-19 km/l!!


With the recent fuels price increases, I heard a lot of ads on gadgets improving fuels consumption. I bet these things cost you a fortune, yet not sure how effective they are. Why these gadgets were not known or installed in OEMs if they are trully effective? Also, if they are real, why oil companies and racing teams spend millions in research on this - bear in mind fuel efficiency can help a team win a race!

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