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Posted Jan 14 2009 8:04pm

Happy Girl
P2 and P3
P1 and P3

3 P's in a Pod

No, we have not disappeared nor have we decided never to write again. Life has been, well....a tad busy.;)
We returned from China safe and sound without any notable glitches. We were so happy to be home and see those smiling faces waiting for us at the airport. My inlaws had been a lifesaver and P1, P2, Brett, my cat, and the house were all intact.
P3 was a real trooper throughout the whole thing and settled into getting acquainted with the rest of the family just fine. Giggles and smile are de riggeur now and she just lights up the room.
I wandered around pretty much like a zombie for the first week we were home but I do know we took P3 to see the doctor for her first US checkup. It went really well and he was very pleased overall.
She now weighs 17lbs 12 oz and is 28.5 inches long. Her head was 16 and 3/4 in. And altough fairly flat on the back, he feels it will round out on it's own now that she will be up and around more.

He cleared her to switch to US formula which we have now done as well as get started on more cereals plus fruits, veggies as tolerated. She now eats both rice and oatmeal cereals as well as pears, bananas and green beans. Sweet potatoes are on the menu for tomorrow too. Yum!

Shot-wise, we decided to accept her immunizations she received in China IF she was going to be getting a booster here in the US. If she had not had any doses of immunizations we would have given by now here, then she needed them to get her current- thus she had her HIB and Prevnar and is not due back for another visit until her 1 yr old well child exam.

In the meanwhile, she is just groovin' along, learning new things by the dozen. 2 weeks ago, when we got her, she could not sit up by herself. Now? No problem. She is just precious and we are all so in love with her.

The rest of the family is doing well, adjusting and adapting as they go. My inlaws left last Tuesday. We were so grateful to have them made such a difference plus it was just plain nice to have them around.

Of course, the day after they left, we had a bit of a tragedy....P2 fell and broke her arm, right at her wrist - a fact which her parent's of the year failed to realize fully until 24hours had passed. Oh well...then it was off to the doctor's office we went and left with her wearing a splint and 'arm purse' (sling). We go back for her cast tomorrow, assuming all has gone as planned and she is supposed to wear the cast for 6 weeks currently. She has been so brave, not complaining or anything. Of course, this has really thrown a wrench in the works for me as she hurt her right arm and is of course, right handed. This makes it feel like I have 2 babies now instead of 1...not easy. P1 was has been a good helper thankfully when she has not been feeling left out since the other 2 are getting extra attention.

Brett goes back to work on Thursday so instead of trading off nights, I will have P3 duty 5 on, 2 off. And night duty is no easy task, let me tell you. That odd, shrieking sound you have been hearing lately and wondering what it is? Yeah, that is my daughter. See, she is wonderful during the daylight hours and gloriously peaceful while she is sleeping. Problem? She has absolutely not intention of going to sleep and fights it tooth and nail. Putting her to bed can be a multi hour ordeal...naps and after she wakes in the middle of the night included. Also, as a self-soothing behavior, she claws her ears, her neck and her arms until she bleeds as she is trying to fight off sleep or if she is nervous around too many people. I am assuming we just will have to ride all this out but any of you BTDT folks who have suggestions, please share!;)

Soooo, if I do not post as often as we'd all like right now, well, I am sure you will understand.;) I will as I can and especially pictures 'cuz all 3 of my P's are just too cute for the Pod!!

Hugs and Giggles from the looney bin!
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