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Hello From CrazyBusy Land

Posted Apr 29 2009 10:58pm
I have had a love-hate relationship with our activity schedule, especially in the last few weeks. I love that the kids get to do things they enjoy--taekwondo, ballet, chess, soccer--and I love that we are able to swing those activities financially and logistically. But I am REALLY looking forward to a break. Things will be winding down soon for the summer, and I can't wait.

Once again, see how we are tied in with the school routine even though we are not in the school system? It's not really good or bad--it's just . . . interesting.

I'm finally working on pictures of all of the birthday-road trip-life in general hooplae (that's the plural of hoopla, yes?) and hope to start updating the FamBlog tonight. And I have about a dozen wonderful ideas for blog posts that I'd love to be able to have the time to write. And one of these days, I just might oughta do some laundry, too, since Ryan had a clean-underpants crisis this morning (don't worry, we found some!) and I really need to go through Ryan's toddler clothes to find some spring/summer things for Sean. Can you believe he is moving out of 12 month sized clothing and into 18 months?

In the meantime (since I know you're awaiting all of these developments with breathless anticipation!), please take a moment to write your Senators to oppose the fast-tracking of a healthcare bill through Congress. The very, very last thing our country needs right now is another enormous bill that nobody has even read shoved through Congress and down our throats at lightning speed. Especially concerning something so very important. The health insurance/medical care issue needs to be subject to open scrutinization and debate, which is, I suspect, the reason many of our lawmakers would love to push it through Congress so quickly. For more information, see the above-linked article, and this blog post at NoodleFood.

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