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Hello Chicago, Good Bye Family

Posted Mar 18 2011 9:37pm
I'm going away tomorrow (yes, once again).  This time, I'm leaving the kids, the hubby, and the dog behind.  My training partner and her friend were nice enough to invite me along for my training partner's b-day weekend.  Well, I think they invited me, maybe I invited myself!  Oh well, all I know is that I get to spend Saturday and part of Sunday just having girl time.  OK, OK, we're not actually going to be in Chicago, we're staying in St. Charles (close enough).  It's also not like we're going to party our hearts out either.

Wanna know what 3 30-something women do when they have no hubbies or kids?  One word...IKEA.  Yep, this entire trip has been planned around Ikea.  Well, it started that way.  Now, it's going to start at the Cheesecake Factory, then Ikea (this will take hours), and from there, we'll wing it.  Most likely we'll head back to my training partner's friend's house for a drink or something and then to my training partner's favorite Mexican restaurant.  I think I've been hearing about this place for about a year now!  I get to sleep with no snoring husband and no Little screaming for me to cover her up at 3  in the morning.  Hopefully I'll actually get some sleep!

Sunday, we'll be heading home, but not before we have a trip to Trader Joe's.  You wonder why we are excited to head to Ikea or Trader Joe's.  Well, our closest Ikea is in Schaumburg (3 hours away) and our closest Trader Joe's is in Des Moines (almost 2 hours away).  So, this is our excitement, Ikea, Mexican food, and Trader Joe's.  It's what makes us happy.  Are we getting old or have our priorities just changed?

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