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Health Benefits of Saunas

Posted Sep 16 2009 10:03pm

Steam baths and infrared saunas can be very useful in relieving stress and relaxation. Usually viewed as leisure products they also provide several health benefits. Below I will discuss a few of the major health benefits associated with regular sauna use.

It helps your heart and circulatory system. Spending 10-20 minutes in a sauna causes your heart rate to increase 50-70%. You achieve the same metabolic result from physical exercise. Your blood vessels become more flexible which helps with circulation during the time you spend in a sauna.

Saunas are great for the skin.The hot temperature in a sauna causes your body to sweat. Sweating cleanses the skin and helps maintain a clear complexion.

A lot of people believe that regular time spent in a sauna can also help you lose weight. The high temperature and steam helps loosen fatty tissue and revive tired muscles.

Saunas aid in the healing process and can help you deal with pain. Your skin temperature also rises to about 104 degrees F and your body temperature rises to 100.4. This rise in temperature induces a fever state. A fever is your body's natural way of healing itself. Steam is also a wonderful treatment for respiratory problems and saunas can help relieve arthritis pain.

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