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Posted Feb 26 2013 3:00am
Awhile back I mentioned that soon I'd be writing for P&G Everyday as a Health & Beauty writer...and guess what?

The day has arrived that they are finally published! 
(well, some of them. there are definitely more to come!)

So I think you should totally go check each of them out, because I learned so much in researching and writing them...and now I think it's time for you to put your beauty guru study hat on for yourself.

I tried to make them fun and informative to read, so please leave comments letting me know what you guys think!
I LOVE feedback.

Family Bonding in 30 minutes or less: 7 quick ideas to connect, embrace and nurture those family ties :  We all get busy with life. There are so many demands, expectations and to-do lists in our minds that creating quality time with our families can easily get pushed aside. Sometimes it even gets pushed out of the picture completely and we give up if we can’t seem to schedule a weekend or even just a day.

Unplug to Destress: Turn off technology to decompress and feel better :  While we admit technology is more than amazing, we also have come to realize that even more amazing is the life we may be forgetting to live.Sometimes though, especially nowadays, it’s not as much about the amount of time as it is about the quality of time. We’ve come up with a list of ideas for you to connect with your family in 30 minutes or less — all you need to do is store this list away and, anytime you happen to find a free half-hour, try doing just one of these suggestions and watch your family bond grow even stronger
We may tend to see our computer screen more than we see the faces of those we love. We text, we email, we update statuses and browse the web, but we forget to schedule time to turn it all off and just connect and decompress.

Here, then, is a challenge for all of us: Take at least one hour a day to turn off technology and simply enjoy the moment. We’ve even taken it one step further to come up with some ideas to help you begin (or remember) what it’s like to just turn it all off and breathe.

Skip the Gym and Take Your Workout Outside :  Working out in the gym can sometimes feel incredibly intimidating, what with all the machines and hard bodies surrounding you. So, when the weather is calling you to the outdoors, why not take your workout with you?

Here are just a few suggested exercises to get you started — after you consult your doctor to make sure you’re physically capable of activity, of course.

Benefits of Water: How to incorporate more water into your diet :  In case you haven’t heard, drinking enough water is kind of a big deal. There are so many reasons and benefits to drinking water that skipping out on this so-called foundation of life just doesn’t make sense. So, not only are we here to help you understand why water is so important, we also want to give you practical and yummy ideas to make it easier to incorporate into your daily diet  

Secret to Strength Training: Exercise in 30 minutes a day :  Getting in shape sometimes feels so overwhelming. Where do we even begin — and how will we ever find the time to do it?What if we told you there were many ways to get in shape with just 30 minutes or less a day? You would absolutely start tomorrow, right? (OK, maybe Monday is a better day.) Consult with your physician about starting a new exercise routine and then check out the latest advice we got from an expert trainer on integrating a quick workout into your daily routine.


In other FUN news...It's VOTING TIME!!!!

Her&I and Le Musings YouTube were both nominated for Top 25 Mom Vlogs of 2013.
It would mean so much if you took a second to vote for both.
And in all your free time remember that you can vote once a day until March 13.
{you should also know I despise asking for votes.  i simply wish they'd just happen without asking!  one day i'll be that popular.}

I know it's just a contest, but hey....why not try?
Who doesn't want to be Top 25 of something?
{um, because apparently I do!}

And while you're there for my sweet friend Mama Kat as well!
We both kind of need your help!


And since you're gonna be clicking around these here internets now with all my mandatory linkies....why not also do the following?

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You know, just so I'm never without you.

Besides it's kinda of the blog after party. 
It's those places where I can share a snippet of my day, thoughts I'm working through, product loves, parenting tidbits, health and beauty tips and so much more.
Sometimes in the busyness of life where a blog post can't happen, those social media platforms are my place to mini blog.
Gotta love it.

Okay you have stuff to do....


© 2013 "Le Musings of Moi"
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