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Have mops, will travel...

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:54pm
I have a new cleaning service! And the best part....they work for cheap!! They accept graham crackers or vanilla wafers as payment.

"Okay, what's up with all these lousy dust bunnies under your stove, lady? Do you have a house full of dirty kids or what?"

"Hey partner, looks like we're gonna need to attack this mess double time...good thing we're, you take the dust pan while I sweep up all this mess...the people who live here are's gonna take us hours to peel all these stickers off the shelves too...I'll need to ask for an extra graham cracker today for sure".

"Whistle while you, la, la, la, la, la...."

"I've been sweeping for a whole 5 minutes already and I'm wiped out....gotta go with the one-handed sweeping method to give my arms a break"

"Oh wait, Yo Gabba Gabba just came on the tv....this seems like a good time to take a much-needed break....I just love Foofa...she's always so happy"

"Honestly, how do these people get spider webs in the wierdest places?"

"Yo bro, I found a really cool way to use the swiffer...and, get this, it doubles as a I mop, lift, mop, lift....I'm gonna have biceps the size of Popeye's when I'm done with this house"

"Don't the boss's kids know how to clean their toys up? Geez, can you say 'spoiled kids'? We're really earning our pay today"

"All this sweeping and mopping has made me thirsty. I'm gonna sneak a sip of this here snapple and hopefully our boss won't notice. This could cost me a vanilla wafer or two".

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